Code of Ethics

USGA Rules of Golf will govern play at all times. A complimentary copy of the Rules of Golf Book is part of the membership packet. All members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the rules and carry the book with them at all times.

All players should conduct themselves properly at all times while at a tournament site. Remember, we are guests of the various courses and the Gainesville Junior Tour needs courses more than the courses need the GJGT. Please behave accordingly.

Golf etiquette is a very important consideration, and members are expected to behave in accordance with the rules prescribed by the GJGT. Players must be careful not to damage the course or greens when putting down golf bags, handling the flagstick or with shoes or clubs. Players are responsible for repairing their ball marks and raking bunkers.

PACE OF PLAY: USGA Rules will govern Pace of Play. A group falling behind the group in front and behind the posted time schedule will be subject to penalties.

STARTING TIMES: Players must check in at least a half-hour before their starting time and must be on the tee 10 minutes before their starting time. Introduce yourself to fellow competitors and receive your fellow competitor’s official scorecard. Keep your score in the “Markers” space of your fellow competitor’s card. Place an identifying mark on your ball(s) before coming to each tournament.

Rules For Parents

Parents may rent a golf cart from the host facility (rates may vary). Parents may not come within 50 feet of a player age 10 or over. Parents of the 8-9-year-old group may act as caddies for their children. At least one parent in the group should act as a marker for the group. Parents may not come within 50 feet of a player age 10 or over. Parents are not allowed to give any advice or help in scoring. Parents found to be giving advice will result in a two-stroke penalty for their child. The prompt delivery and pick-up of your child is expected. We encourage all parents to assist in locating lost golf balls. The GJGT is not a babysitting service, prompt delivery and pick-up of your child is expected.

Player of The Year Points

Player of the Year Points will be based on each player’s top 5 regular season tournaments. If a certain age group does not compete in 5 events then the highest number completed will count. The Tour Championship DOES NOT count towards Player of the Year points. Points will be awarded to each age group for every regular season event. The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded only to players competing in the 16-18-year-old division for both boys and girls.

Tournament Information

Membership for Gainesville Junior Golf Tour is open to all junior golfers age 8 to 18 years old, through their senior year of high school, and have not attended college. The Tour not only challenges junior players to excel, it emphasizes good sportsmanship and proper golf etiquette. The goal of the Tour is to provide a positive competitive environment that enables young golfers to improve their skill levels and become better individuals.

All members are subject to suspension and/or cancellation by the committee for violation of any Gainesville Junior Golf Tour Rules and Regulations, as provided in this handbook. All participants must complete the rules of golf test available online before the first event or directly after the first event played. Please download, complete, and bring to your first event entered. If the test is not available online, pick up at your first event.

Age Group Information

All members will be divided into the following age divisions and will play the following tees and number of holes at each event. 

16-1818 holes, Blue18 holes, White
14-1518 holes, White18 holes, Green
12-1318 holes, Green18 holes, Red
10-119 holes, Red9 holes, Red
8-99 holes, Red9 holes, Red
150, 200 yd. markers150, 200 yd. markers

Tournament Sign-ups

Because of demand and limited course access, each player must sign up for each event in advance by completing the form and application provided with this brochure or by contacting Frank Anderson by Wednesday before the event. Players are responsible for having completed entry form & application fees properly submitted before the stated deadline. All tournaments are stroke play. Play is always conducted in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf, the Gainesville Junior Golf Tour Regulations and any Local rules in the Notice to Competitors.

Pairings for each event will be posted at the host club and on the website before each event and emailed to each player.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Players unable to participate in a previously entered event must withdraw by calling Frank Anderson at 352-332-2154 or emailing by Friday of the week preceding the event.

FAILURE TO DO SO WILL CAUSE THE PLAYER TO BE DROPPED FROM THE FOLLOWING WEEK’S EVENT AND ENTRY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. In the case of illness or other emergency occurring on the day of the event, the Pro Shop must be contacted on the day of the event before scheduled tee time. Play in the next week’s event will be determined on an individual basis. Entry fee for a player who withdraws properly will be credited for the next event.

Rules & Regulations

DRESS CODE: All Players are required to wear appropriate golf attire during all events. Players will not be permitted to play without the appropriate golf attire. JEANS, GYM SHORTS, TANK TOPS OR BICYCLE SHORTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Shirts must be tucked in and please wear a belt. Metal spiked shoes will not be permitted. Players must wear rubber-soled shoes or golf shoes with soft spikes. No exceptions. Players who violate the dress code will be asked to leave the tournament site.

GOLF CARTS: Players are not permitted to ride in golf carts unless authorized by an official or in an emergency. Spectators may rent a cart at the host course when available. The 8-9-year-old division may ride in a cart with an adult driver. (Carts for 8-9 group provided at no charge.)

CARRYING CLUBS: All players must carry their own clubs. Pull carts are allowed. Players must not take clubs onto the greens or tees.

KEEPING SCORE: The Rules of Golf #6-6a states “After each hole the marker should check the score with the competitor and record it. On completion of the round, the marker must sign the scorecard and hand it to the competitor…” The player is responsible for reporting an accurate score for each hole, (Not the total score). A player reporting a score lower than actually made on a hole will be disqualified. A higher reported score will be the player’s score for the hole. A Player should keep his own score as well as serve as a marker for another player in order to assure the accurate recording of his hole-by-hole score. Parents are not allowed to help in scoring except for the 8-9-year-olds.

RULES OF GOLF: All play will be under the Rules of Golf. Any player not playing by the Rules will be subject to penalties as stated in the Rules.

MISBEHAVIOR: Misbehavior such as profane language, club throwing, damaging the course or violating Tour Rules will result in disqualification from the event and possible expulsion from the Tour.

SPECTATORS: Parents, friends, and spectators are not allowed within 50 feet of players age 10 or older. They shall not offer any advice to a competitor or the player is subject to penalties under Rule 8. See “Rules for Parents” for special rules regarding parents.

NO SHOWS: See Cancellation Policy.